It was refreshing to read a book like Magic Wanda and the Gardener - having the DVD tie in with the story is a really original idea. Debby Gould, Librarian, London
Following a gas leak in the Montessori, the children were evacuated - yet that afternoon, when the mayhem subsided, the entire Montessori class sat absolutely engrossed by Magic Wanda and the Sculptor. It silenced a room of 3 - 4 year olds. Even the A-level art students loved the dragons!
Montessori readings (3-4 yrs) at St Christopher School, Letchworth, Hertfordshire - Anne
Children will love reading the story in this beautifully illustrated picture book and listening to it read aloud on the DVD. Offering a wealth of creative activities and stimulating experiences, this is the first book in what promises to be a delightful series.
Teaching and Learning Magazine; July/August 2005 under Key Stages 1&2 Rewarding Reading.
They enjoyed the story and listened very attentively - they asked for it a second time. 'why are they holding hands when they fly' asked one child 'because they're pretending to be aeroplanes' responded another.
Read to rising 4 yr olds at St Christopher School, Letchworth, Hertfordshire - Eleanor.
To my knowledge, this project is unique -- don’t know of anything else on the market that is designed to stimulate children’s imaginations
Carolyn Handler Miller, author of Digital Storytelling.