The Power to Create

Empowering young children in the realm of creativity.

Young children develop their own creative thinking and skills, through loving and identifying with Magic Wanda and her dragon friends.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Can I make some sculpture? - James, aged 4, London

My son has been pointing at statues in the street and saying "sculpture" - Maria, London

Joe made a Wanda sulpture last time we were at the sand pit - Wendy, London


Magic Wanda books offer a unique book and DVD combination for spending quality time with your children at home. Enjoy reading and watching the stories together, creating simple activities and discovering new techniques that can be called upon in different situations. Your next visit to the beach will be enriched by Magic Wanda and the Sculptor DVD, where world famous sand sculptor Andrew Baynes shares some excellent tips for playing in the sand.

I have never seen my 2 and 4 year old sit still for so long - Chris, on playing the DVD, Hertfordshire

Joe (aged 4) had wanted us to read his comic for two weeks every bedtime before the day we received Magic Wanda and the Sculptor. That evening he asked for the Magic Wanda book instead. - Wendy, London

Raphael started dancing as soon as the DVD started - he’s 2 - Nicky, London


Children will love reading the story in this beautifully illustrated picture book and listening to it read aloud on the DVD. Offering a wealth of creative activities and stimulating experiences, this is the first book in what promises to be a delightful series.
Teaching and Learning Magazine; July/August 2005 under Key Stages 1&2 Rewarding Reading

The Magic Wanda series is very well suited for use in:

You will have a series of books and DVDs with stories and activities, each of which has a constant theme. This theme can become the theme of your day, class or week. Have a look at our Magic Wanda workshop ideas, and read about what other schools have been doing.

The Magic Wanda and The Sculptor book provides a story about the dragons discovering sculpture. The story ends with the making of a giant shining sun which leads into an activity session. This includes sequencing, scissor skills, twisting and the mixing of red and yellow paints to create orange.

The Magic Wanda and The Sculptor DVD follows the story of a boy and his family as they discover sculpture in St Ives. This includes a visit to The Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Park and the creating of a sand sculpture on the beach with a world famous sand sculptor, Andrew Baynes, who shares some of the secrets of his craft. The DVD also contains the book story contents, narrated by Fenella Fielding. The book feature of the DVD is perfectly suited to reading and watching together. The DVD also contains two songs for singing and dancing.

My staff showed the Sculpture DVD to the 3-5's last week, firstly the staff thought it was fabulous, and loved it very much. The children adored Wanda and quickly pointed her out in each picture. They reacted immediately to the music and began jigging up and down in their seats! They asked about a spatula which surprised me. The music, tonal range and gorgeous graphics had them hooked - Rachel - Manager, Nursery and Primary Staff, London


This is a unique product for your range, a series of books and DVDs combined. This collectable product for 3-7 year old boys and girls draws the customers back to follow the adventures of the dragon characters and to continue to explore the various arts and crafts featured in the books and DVDs. Our powerful PR and Marketing team are available to discuss our consumer PR strategy and look forward to creating partnerships and storytelling events with you to promote the sales of the Magic Wanda series.

I love reading the Magic Wanda stories for children. The series is a brilliant way to get children enthused about the arts - Fenella Fielding - Magic Wanda DVD narrator.